Where were you Memorial Day?

Published 3:21 am Wednesday, May 31, 2006

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Today is May 29, 2006. It is a day to visit relatives, have cook outs, go to the beach and to be ashamed.
That's right to be ashamed. I have just returned from a Memorial Service for those veteran's who gave their life just so you can enjoy those rights. We have the freedom to go and do almost anything we want to without having to get permission from anyone or any government. This freedom did not come without a high cost and it will continue to be a high cost.
There is no reason that the public and especially the governing body of this city could not take a few minutes to remember those who gave their lives. My question is 'Where were you?' Why does the existing veterans have to get these programs together? Why doesn't the City or one of the Civic organizations take on this responsibility? I know the Mayor or the City Council is not required to attend a function of this nature, but it would have been nice.
There was one council member, John Garrard, who thought enough of this day, and of his position, to return from the beach to attend the ceremony, and we thank him for this.
There were few flags flying in town, but I believe the ones that were flying were put out at the last minute as an after thought.
We certainly thank the police and fire departments, and the others who took time out to participate in this ceremony. There are three day's in the year that we ask the people to take time to remember. Those days are July 4th, Veterans Day and Memorial Day. These are important days as they indicate why we are a free country and able to live in freedom. Come on Atmore get involved.
Jim Forte
Sr. Vice Commander American Legion Post 90

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