Eat what you want America

Published 3:45 am Wednesday, June 7, 2006

By Staff
Our View
As the Food and Drug Administration attempts to restrict the amount of food a person will intake at a fast-food restaurant, we should all be screaming "No!"
According to an article written for the Associated Press the government is trying to fight the "problem" of obesity by cutting portion sizes and completely getting rid of doggie bags used for leftovers.
This is an absurd act and it should not be allowed, but governmental control of everyday activities is on the rise and this will be yet another way the government will snatch power.
This report will eventually sway enough of the nation's restaurants and then we will still be charged $7 for that burger and fries, but get half the value. And on top of that we would not get to take the leftovers home to eat for lunch the next day.
The Department of Health and Human Services is pushing for people to take a look at how the fast food we eat is affecting our weight. We say let people have the choice to eat whatever they want when they go out to eat.
Going out to eat is a way to have fun and not care about anything, so why would the government want to take that fun away from the public.
Why does the government insist on forcing health and diets down the public's throat when people are going to eat whatever they want anyways?
If the government can tell fast-food restaurants how much food to serve, what is preventing them from telling the restaurants exactly what to serve? This is only the first step towards a dark time in the food industry.
And then when the government is done with the food industry, where do they move next?
The cinema, the clothing industry, the video game industry or any other facet of human life in the United States could be targeted next. The list is endless and the future of this democratic republic we call home is looking cloudier every day.
This country was founded to escape oppression and we sure don't want that governmental hand around our neck every time we go grab a bite to eat.

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