Lack of medical care

Published 4:22 am Monday, June 19, 2006

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
I have a problem that I wish someone could help me with. I am a married woman who doesn't have any type of health insurance so I must rely on certain clinics for my medical care.
I had an appointment to see a physician at a local clinic. I am on what they call a "Sliding Fee Scale." This is based on your income.
Because I didn't know the fee had changed in the past three months since I was there last, I was turned away because I was short the fee by three dollars.
To me, as far as medical help, there are too many unconcerned physicians in this world.
It's too bad that people that actually break the law and end up in jail or prison get all the medical help they need.
My 84-year-old grandmother actually said to me, "Seriously, you ought to break the law. Then you could get all the medical help you need.
Lauri Rolin
Concerned Citizen

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