The beginning of Cataclysmic changes

Published 5:16 am Wednesday, July 5, 2006

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Recently, I saw a bank marquee with the flashing words: "Pray for Rain". Now I imagine all of us call on the supernatural when we are in a "crunch," but more realistically, I believe the words should have been: "Stop burning Fossil Fuels."
The catastrophic results of global warming have been well documented. And with the drought brought close to home, as was Hurricane Katrina, and the wildfires that are surrealistically burning up most of Arizona and other parts of the West, we have the beginning of cataclysmic changes in our environment. Most renowned scientists have corroborated with Al Gore and his documentary film: "An inconvenient Truth", which I have read is very compelling, whatever your political proclivities are.
There are many issues that are open for debate and there are many crises in our world at the present time, but I don't think there is any issue more burning (no pun intended) than global warming and fossil fuel use.
What are we and what are our city fathers doing to change the downward spiral of our natural world, and to make the dramatic changes that Al Gore and most scientists say we have a "window" of in only ten years.
We know those alternatives that can make a difference are ethanol, hybrid cars, changing from SUV's and 4 x 4's and downsizing; and an EPA that isn't Bush controlled, regulating the fossil fuel admissions…and remember in November we have a chance to make a change to oust the ineffective majority in our federal government, that will hold our President accountable for his last two years (hallelujah!).
Robert W. Mays

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