Safety important as school starts

Published 7:34 am Wednesday, August 9, 2006

By Staff
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School bells will call Atmore students back to school on Thursday. For both those returning to school with their children, and those who'll be driving in school traffic, it's important to remember some safety rules.
First, school buses are statistically safer than cars. But it's important to remember that more often than not, bus-related injuries occur as the students enter and exit the bus.
Teach your students to wait for the bus in a safe place, away from traffic and the street. It's also important for students to learn to watch for the driver's signal before approaching the bus, and to be aware of the traffic around them.
Drivers, be especially mindful of the traffic rules, including coming to a complete stop when a bus has the "stop" sign out.
Those students who walk to school should be reminded to mind all traffic signals and/or the crossing guard, and to never cross the street against a light, even if you don't see any traffic coming.
And for those parents who'll drop their youngsters off at school, remember that safety belts are the best form of protection passengers have in the event of a crash. They can lower your risk of injury by 45 percent.
The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following tips for making the use of backpacks healthier on your child's back:
Be safe as you go to school, and have a great school year.

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