Grandma recreates past with art

Published 8:12 am Monday, August 21, 2006

By By Matthew Nascone
There is nothing like a mother's love for her children, and grandchildren for that matter. One of Atmore's own recently showed that love as area schools opened their doors.
Gwen Reynolds, mother and grandmother, celebrated her grandson Parker's first day at Escambia Academy in K-4 by recreating the past. On 4-year-old Parker's first day of school Gwen took a picture of him on a park bench with his father, Steve Reynolds. She took this picture because she wanted to connect 32 years of time together through film.
"The Atmore Advance just happened to take Steve's picture on his first day of K-4 at the Academy," Gwen said. "And I went back and took Parker's picture 32 years later because I thought it would be cute."
This was an act that Steve, who attended K-4 at the Academy in 1974, found to be touching.
"I had my picture taken so long ago on a park bench on my first day of school and it was a lot of fun to have my son start school at the same school I went to," Steve said. "I remember that old picture so it was sentimental to have that picture of my son."
But, as Gwen would tell anyone, this is not the first sentimental thing she has done. In what she calls a "motherly thing," she has captured a moment in another person's life and brought back a good memory years later.
She said she also kept the outfit that Steve was brought home from the hospital in when he was born and Steve used that when Parker was born. And she said there were many more instances like that one, but there wasn't enough time to tell them all.
Lisa Reynolds, Steve's wife, said Parker was excited about the first day of school and he came home and told her that school was great.
"He was asking if he could go to the big boy school because for two years since we moved back home to Atmore we have been telling him on the way home that he would get to go to the Academy when he gets bigger," Lisa said.
Steve, Lisa and Parker moved back to Atmore after spending some time in Dominica, West Indies.
Steve said the plan is to keep Parker at the Academy until he graduates from high school because the atmosphere is very family friendly.
"Everyone at the school gives you the feeling of family," he said. "They all say hello to you when you pass and they shake your hand. It is a very nice school and the way they teach is great. And to have my son there after I went there is a great thing."

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