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Published 9:00 am Wednesday, August 30, 2006

By Staff
Pluto demoted
Can it be? Pluto the smallest wonder of the solar system is being kicked out bringing the total number of planets down to eight.
Last week a group of astronomers meeting at the International Astronomical Union Convention voted to demote Pluto from it seventy-six year standing as a planet to that of a dwarf planet.
The icy planet founded in the 1930's by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh rewrote science textbooks with the new discovery.
If the decision is not overturned, the text books will have to be rewritten once more. From solar system posters to inflatable solar systems, the cosmic teaching tools will have to be reworked to now reflect an eight planet solar system.
Rather than throw the entire planetary system off course with this new clarification of distinguishing a planet from a dwarf planet, why not keep Pluto in the curriculum and simply use it as a teaching point to the ever changing world of science.
For seventy-six years teachers have taught students about the smallest planet of the system. Why change now? Use it as a means to teach children why it was a planet and now it is not and that sometimes in life, things just don't make sense!
On a lighter note, it appears as if now the Walt Disney character Pluto will no longer have to play seconds to it's supposed namesake, but one must wonder what does Pluto think about it?

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