Death row inmate found dead

Published 9:23 am Wednesday, September 6, 2006

By By Adam Prestridge
Timothy Jason Jones died a coward's death, Monroe County District Attorney Tommy Chapman said Tuesday.
Jones, who committed suicide late Saturday night at Holman Correctional Facility, was on death row for the 2004 beating deaths of his parents in Monroeville.
"It is fitting with his character to take the coward's way out," Chapman said. "I feel for the family members who did all they could to help Jason all his life. They will never be able to heal the hurt he left behind. I guess in his mind, this was his way of winning. In reality, everyone lost."
Prison officials contacted Chapman late Saturday to inform him that Jones, 31, had apparently killed himself.
Alabama Department of Corrections public information manager Brian Corbett said even though early reports stated Jones killed himself with a sharp object it is still undetermined what really killed him.
"We are not sure at this point how he died, but it is safe to say he committed suicide," Corbett said. "There has not been an obvious weapon found yet."
Corbett said Jones was found in his cell at approximately 9:15 p.m. Saturday and immediately rushed to the prison's infirmary where officials tried to resuscitate him to no avail. He was pronounced dead at 10:06 p.m.
Corbett said it is unknown why Jones decided to take his own life.
"To my knowledge, there was not any reason for him to commitment suicide, but that maybe uncovered in the investigation," Corbett said. "No suicide note or any statements were found in his cell."
According to Corbett, the prison was not put on lockdown following Jones' death. He said it was an isolated incident that didn't pose a threat to any other inmates.
According to published reports, Jason Jones' father, Dr. Tim Jones, was found beaten and stabbed to death in the family's carport after co-workers reported him late to work on Jan. 29, 2004. Dr. Jones' wife, Nancy Jones, was found beaten beyond recognition in her bed. Jason Jones was later found in north Alabama driving his mother's car, which he crashed while fleeing police.
Jones was convicted of capital murder by a Jefferson County jury last year and sentenced to death. According to published reports, during his last statement to the jury he referred to himself as a "monster" and stated that he had no remorse for what he did and that he deserved to die.
Although Chapman was informed of Jones' death, he is still puzzled on what really happened Saturday at Holman.
"I am a bit upset that the no one with the Department of Corrections has notified me," Chapman said. "I do not even really know as of yet what really happened."
It is a mystery to the Department of Corrections as well.
"We would like to know what happened and what weapon was used," Corbett said. "The case will be investigated internally using our investigation and intelligence department."
During the investigation, Jones' cell will be photographed and statements will be taken from both correctional officers and prisoners. A report will be compiled at a later date.
Corbett said he has no reason to believe Jones would kill himself because he was on death row. He said no current inmate on death row at Holman ha an execution date scheduled.
"The Alabama Department of Corrections is not a part of that process," Corbett said. "It's a legal issue."

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