Right wing slant appalling

Published 11:13 am Monday, October 9, 2006

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
I have finally had enough of your political columnist master Tray Smith and his ultra right wing Republican slant on everything going on in the United States and the War in Iraq. While Tray is obviously a gifted young man, his youth and most probable family influence have trained an otherwise worthwhile endeavor by this young man.
I would like to share a few facts with our community and those who support this totally misguided war in Iraq. We need to cut our losses and get out of Iraq now. For those nay sayers who argue in support of this war, what could possibly be worse than the civil war that is ongoing over there now. We toppled Saddam Hussein's heinous government, now let's get out. The argument that we are fighting terrorists that would bring the war over here is just a myth. If that were the case we should be invading Saudi Arabia, that is where the majority of the terrorists in the 9/11 attack came from. NONE came from Iraq.
These are the facts so far: (source is ASK.com formerly ASKGEEVES)
Now let's put these dollar figures in to prospective that each American can understand.
We could write a check to each Iraqi citizen with this money and make each one a millionaire several times over. Who is getting rich from all this money being spent in Iraq? It is the big business cronies of the Republican Administration.
This Republican Administration that Tray so adamantly supports is spending our country into a debt that your great grandchildren will be paying off. In Tray's last diatribe he stated that our country would be worse off if the Democrats gained control of Congress. Need I remind everyone that when the Democrats were in control of the White House, we had budget surplus, today we are faced with a national debt of a staggering $8,551,176,074,727 (yes that is over 8 trillion dollars). This debt increases $1.67 billion dollars every 24 hours. That means that each and every citizen of the United States is responsible for $28,538 of this debt. And yes we will have to pay that debt along with our grandchildren.
When Tray Smith is old enough to vote, and to fight with our Armed Services, I will take his right wing republican views to heart. Until then, The Atmore Advance would be better served with a Political Columnist with some maturity and experience under his or her belt.
If anyone reads today's news or listens to the news broadcasts on television, it is obvious that the Republican Party is on a fast spiraling tail spin of self destruction with the party leaders all having problems with their memories when it comes to important dates and meetings. I am not saying that all Democrats are better than Republicans, but we need a regime change here at home. The Democrats in control could not possibly do any worse than the Republicans are presently doing now.
Remember that we deserve the government we vote in, please think twice when you vote in November.
James F. Kizer

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