Atmore man shot at local bar

Published 2:04 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2006

By By Janet Little Cooper
An Atmore man was shot in the leg in the early morning hours Friday at Stabler's Country Lounge located on Highway 31 in Atmore.
According to the owners of the lounge, Andrew and Martha Stabler, the problem began inside when a group of men started a 'squabble.'
"We were packed Thursday night," Martha Stabler said. "A lot of people had come from a party at the Armory in town and everyone was doing fine and getting along when a group of guys started some trouble. They were having a little pushing match and exchanging words. My husband asked them to leave. He got them outside and they started apologizing and everything, but never left the parking lot."
After Stabler returned inside the bar, he heard four shots being fired.
"I told my wife and daughter to hit the floor," Andrew Stabler said. "They were both working behind the bar at the time. We didn't know what was going on. I just heard the shots fired off and called the police."
Patrons who remained inside the lounge ran for cover as well when the shots rang out.
"I think everybody dropped to the floor," Stabler said. "Everything just happened so fast. We were all so scared. There is broken glass all over the place in the lounge from where people dropped their glasses when the shots were fired."
According to witnesses, the altercation that began inside escalated to gunfire in the parking lot as the group of men continued to argue.
Atmore resident, Scotty Jordan was leaving the lounge with his girlfriend when he saw a bullet come through the front windshield of a parked SUV at the lounge. Moments later he would hear more shots, one of which struck him in his upper leg.
"I just caught bits and pieces of the argument that was going on," Jordan said. "And I saw them pass a few licks and then throw something. Next thing I knew I heard about three to four gunshots. We saw the people in an SUV with the gun and watched the windshield glass shatter as they shot through it. They also took a shot out of the driver's window."
The unknown occupants of the SUV left the area before police arrived. Jordan was being transported by private vehicle to Atmore Community Hospital when he was pulled over by paramedics with Kelley's Ambulance and then transported by them.
After being released from the hospital, Jordan returned to the lounge to let the Stabler's know that he was going to be ok.
As of press time, Jordan still had the bullet lodged in his leg and was seeking further medical treatment to have it removed.
Further details about the shooting will appear in the Wednesday edition of The Atmore Advance.

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