Growth trend hits Atmore

Published 5:37 pm Monday, January 22, 2007

By Staff
Our View
With all the business activity that has taken place in recent months, a drive through downtown Atmore no longer resembles the streets of a ghost town, but a city full of life.
The awakening has come as the delapidated and empty store fronts are now glowing with new coats of paint and bustling with business once again.
From karate to coffee, the downtown streets are regaining their position as the 'hub' of the city as businessowners make the move to the historical area.
The recent growth trend is not limited to the downtown area however, which sheds an even more positive light on the community.
On either side of town, north or south, the sign of growth is evident as ground continues to be broken and buildings continue to rise.
The growth is exciting for city leaders and the residents who live here.
Do all that you can to support the area in an effort to keep the growth trend moving full spead ahead.
Before you head out of town, check at home first. You just might be suprised by what you'll find.

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