More than just football

Published 6:15 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
The Super Bowl is not always just about football. For this reporter, it is mostly about the excitement of gathering with friends and family, grilling burgers and watching the ridiculous commercials along with the halftime show that appears on screen every year.
In Super Bowl XLI, the Indianapolis Colts will be matched up with the Chicago Bears and will be playing in Miami at the Dolphin Stadium. That is basically all I know about the actual logistics of the game.
I have never really been a sports fanatic although I've grown up around some of the biggest sports fans ever. My father was the sports writer at the Brewton Standard for the longest time and he is the most spirited Alabama fan I know, he is currently in the process of making himself an "Alabama" themed room. I am sure my mother is thrilled about this. I typically enjoy watching his type during football games. I love to see someone throw a pillow, a baseball cap or even the remote control at the television in anger or frustration at his or her team.
My brother-in-law is a coach at T.R. Miller High School and his wife, my sister, knows more football jargon than any woman ever should! However, I guess when it came to sports, I was left out of the loop. The only football I care about is Alabama and even when they play, I only know to clap when the rest of the Alabama fans clap and to "boo" when the rest "boo."
Since I do not know much about football and honestly do not care to learn, this Super Bowl is more about spending time with those I love than the game. I will be cheering for the Colts only because I have to choose a team. If I chose the Bears I would probably be kicked out of the house; my brother-in-law is an avid Peyton Manning fan.
Some of the memorable things that non-football fans enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday are the barbeque, beverages, socializing and I'm sure a lot of people remember the Janet Jackson – Justin Timberlake "incident." I am quite pleased I was not watching that halftime performance.
Some things that could be unforgettable from Super Bowl XLI are the pre-game and halftime entertainment, not to mention the countless commercials.
The pre-game entertainment will be Cirque du Soleil. The Cirque du Soleil team will combine dance, music, gymnastics and circus art to keep the crowd enthralled before kickoff.
Rock &Roll Hall of Fame member, Prince, will be performing the halftime show. Right now the songs Prince will perform have not been announced, but some of his most famous tunes are "Purple Rain," "Kiss," "When Doves Cry" and "1999."
Last, but not least, the infamous commercials. The most common one that I personally remember is the Budweiser commercial where the frogs continuously said, "Bud – weis – er." I remember going to school the next day and having all the guys repeat those little frogs, this carried on for weeks!
So, whether you are a football fan or not, the Super Bowl can still be a fun experience. Just throw some meat on the grill, pop open a coke, watch what you can tolerate of the game, but most importantly, sit back and enjoy the bliss of having family and friends together!
Adrienne McKenzie is a reporter for the Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123.

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