Buses do keep our kids safe

Published 7:20 pm Monday, February 19, 2007

By Staff
Our View
The recent accidents involving school buses that have occurred throughout Escambia County are alarming.
However, accidents do happen. Yes, it is very tragic that these particular instances involved children, but we must remember that accidents can happen to anyone.
Our school bus drivers are trained professionals and parents should feel safe having their children riding in buses.
It is very important that citizens of Atmore pay close attention to traffic rules at all times, but especially during the morning and afternoon hours that our beloved children are trying to get to and from school.
For our children's sake, it is key to pay attention to the "stop" sign displayed on the side of the bus when it is stopped. This sign is meant both for oncoming traffic and also vehicles behind the bus.
Not only is it our responsibility as drivers to pay attention to traffic rules, such as stopping at stop signs and red lights, but it is the children's duty to behave on the school bus.
Bus drivers already have to deal with manhandling a very large vehicle, but they also have to worry about the precious cargo they are driving around. Children who are misbehaving do not help with this burden. Children, please be sure to sit down and refrain from being loud when on the bus. Be respectful to your driver.
So, be aware that it is all of our responsibilities to keep our children and our roads safe.

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