Tornado hits close to home

Published 8:16 pm Monday, March 5, 2007

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
My brother Sergeant Major Johnny Snodgrass is a teacher at Enterprise High School, and said his old classroom was in the section with the collapsed roof. When the sirens went off all he could do was get his students in the middle of the room. They all huddled there until it was over.
After the tornado passed over and he made sure his students were safe from flying glass from the windows he walked out side and could not believe the destruction. He immediately went to help in the rescue effort.
The new ROTC classroom is located behind the football stadium and suffered a lot of damage.
He said he now understands a little better how we felt when Ivan came through.
Going through his mind was hoping his wife was home safe. It did not hit there. Then 45 minutes later his wife found him with grandson in tow. Mercifully the tornado picked up and passed over the elementary school where his grandson was in class.
It was two and half hours before word made it out to the family that our brother was OK and we were able to talk to him.
His first words to me was "Sis, I'm OK, but the school is gone. Every house in sight is damaged. It is total destruction here."
This morning when I talked to him, his words were "I'm glad to be alive." He was at the hospital checking on students that had been injured and taken to the hospital.
He said it is not known yet what they will do about school. Many blessings come our way, sometimes we are able to recognize them better that at others.
Keep the families of Enterprise in your prayers. There was great loss yesterday to families near and far.
Bettye Seale

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