Dude looks like a lady

Published 8:54 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Laughter erupted from the audience as men from the community dressed in drag at the Second Annual United Bank Womanless Beauty Pageant Saturday night.
Nancy Johnson, assistant vice president of United Bank, felt the pageant went really well and was pleased with the amount of money raised for Relay for Life.
"It was fantastic," she said. "We actually raised $10,055.68 through the pageant. I did not imagine we would've raised that much money. We never dreamed there would be that many people there."
Johnson felt that all the participants were entertaining and good sports.
"They all did so good," she said. "It was just hilarious."
The participants were, Justin "Laylor Taylor" or "Sweet Tater" Hall, Alex "Boo T. Licious" Jones, Tony "CoCo Chanel DeVeaux" Tilton, Karl "Carmelita Rosie" Robinson, Louie "Loucinda 'Tina'" Turner, Gregg "Gretchen" Akins, Mal "Magnificent Malori" McGhee, Matt "Matriana" Nascone, Tray "Tracey Ja'Nita" Smith and Joel "Jolene Lambear" Lambert."
The contestants contacted their friends to ask for money to donate to Relay for Life. The Top 5 of the pageant consisted of the top five money raisers, who were Smith, Tilton, Robinson, Akins and Lambert.
Three judges, Betty Warren, Joey Brown and Lou Vickery, chose the first runner-up, second runner-up and winner, along with Miss Physical Fitness, Best Body and Miss Poise and Appearance. Contestants voted on Miss Congeniality.
The winners were, Miss Congeniality and Miss Poise and Appearance, Akins; Miss Physical Fitness, Hall, and Best Body, Tilton. The grand prize winners were, second runner-up, Robinson; first runner-up, Tilton, and winner, Akins.
Akins was also the top money-raiser for Relay for Life, raising $3,550. He said he was successful at raising the money because he is not scared to call people and ask for it.
"I am not afraid to get on the phone and ask for money," Akins said. "I said to 'think big' when writing those checks. A lot of people in this town have cancer so people don't mind giving money for the cause."
Tilton raised $1,370 and Lambert raised $1,310.
At last year's pageant, the grand total was $2,200, whereas this year the total was over $10,000.
Akins also said that he had a good time doing the pageant and that he felt it went well.
"I think the pageant was a great success," he said. "Everybody was a great sport and it was a lot of fun."

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