Martins thank Grand Ol' Dames

Published 9:05 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2007

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
There's a group of ladies in Atmore who call themselves The Grand Ol' Dames Garden of Atmore. This group of ladies recently honored my wife and me by presenting a plaque and monetary donation to the Atmore VFW Post in memory of our beloved son Jeffrey Lavan Martin whom we lost several months ago due to a fatal farm accident.
My wife and I were deeply touched by this act of kindness demonstrated by the Grand Ol' Dames and take this means to thank them very, very much for their thoughtfulness. It was a complete surprise that we and Jeffrey would be remembered in such a manner. Our thoughts and prayers are that the Good Lord will continue to bless and reward these ladies for their remembrance and great joy they have given us.
Although the plaque and donations were directed to us personally, the Atmore VFW Post is also a recipient. For this reason the plaque will be displayed in the VFW Post and the donation in the Post building fund where it will be used to defray the cost of ongoing renovation projects. In addition, the Grand Ol' Dames name will be listed on the Post's donor's board along with the names of other donors so that we can remember the Grand Ol's Dames and invite them to a Post Open House we plan to host sometime during the summer 2007.
We commend the Grand Ol' Dames for their continued efforts to the City of Atmore, and we thank them again and again for their act of kindness. May God bless them always!
Lee "Lavan" &Edie Martin

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