Atmore event making progress

Published 9:30 pm Wednesday, March 21, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Ideas for Atmore's Centennial celebration are taking shape and plans are becoming concrete for the special birthday.
Atmore was incorporated on May 23, 1907. The actual 100 years date falls on a Wednesday so the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce scheduled the birthday celebration for May 19.
Emilie Mims, Executive Director of the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce, said the city is aiding the Chamber in planning Atmore's birthday party.
"The Chamber partnered with the city to plan the Centennial celebration for the community," Mims said.
Atmore's Centennial Celebration Committee held a meeting Tuesday morning and plans were discussed regarding the involvement of businesses in the area.
Although the celebration is on May 19, Mims is hoping local community members will participate in activities around the general time frame.
"We're hoping local communi ty businesses and merchants will consider activities around those two days," she said. "They can wear costumes or do other activities."
Annie's Community Cup, according to Mims, is planning something very special for Atmore's 100th birthday.
"Annie's may serve birthday cake and coffee one day," Mims said.
Mims said businesses are thinking of ideas to make the event an exceptional one.
"Some businesses are going to have their employees dress in period costumes," she said. "People are coming up with good ideas."
The actual celebration on May 19 will include many fun events and special entertainment for community members and guests.
The occasion will take place at Heritage Park on Main Street. The events will begin at 2 p.m. Mims said the purpose for starting so late in the afternoon is because the night will end with something momentous.
"The events will start at two in the afternoon," she said. "The reason we are starting so late is because the day will end with fireworks that are being paid for by the City of Atmore."
There are going to be activities for all ages at the event. Children will be able to enjoy three-legged races, sack races and other "old-time" games. Adults will be participating in team games, which include tug of war, horseshoes and volleyball.
"We are encouraging businesses to bring together teams to compete for the Centennial Cup," Mims said.
The Centennial event will also offer a historical hayride, which will include a narrator explaining where things were located in the early 1900s in Atmore. First National Bank &Trust will be sponsoring a Centennial Costume Contest and the Atmore Rotary Club is planning a pie contest.
"We are hoping to have a jelly and jam contest also," Mims said.
There will be light refreshments in the park throughout the afternoon and any church or other business interested in setting up a food or entertainment venue is welcome to do so.
A supper will be served around 4 p.m., which will include barbeque and corn on the cob. Entertainment will begin on the main stage at the time supper is served.
"Supper and entertainment will last until the fireworks start," Mims said.
The City of Atmore bought banners with the Centennial logo featured on them. The banners will go on all of the lampposts downtown after April 9. The logo was designed by the Chamber and is available in a JPEG format or hard copy to any individual in the city interested in promoting Atmore's Centennial.
On April 1, there will be a picture taken in front of the Atmore Post Office building of Atmore residents in the form of a "100." The people who will make up the "100" will be sent an invitation by mail although any resident is welcome to come and take part of the picture. The individuals not in the "100" will frame the photo. Anyone in the "100" or interested in framing the "100" needs to be in the area in front of the Atmore Post Office before 2 p.m. on April 1.
For more information about the game portion of the Centennial celebration, call 368-YMCA.
For more information about setting up a venue at the Centennial celebration, call 368-3305.

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