GECA cons way onto stage for 'Music Man'

Published 10:35 pm Monday, April 9, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
The Greater Escambia Council for the Arts (GECA) will entertain crowds in Flomaton and Pell City at the end of April and beginning of May as they perform Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man."
GECA will not be performing in Atmore this year, instead they will take their musical to Pell City per request of their Chamber of Commerce, according to Kate Sherrill, GECA publicist and actor.
"We are performing for their Chamber of Commerce," Sherrill said. "Tickets are already sold out up there but their Chamber was who asked us to come."
According to Sherrill, the musical is a humorous piece about a conman.
"It focuses on a conman who comes into different cities and manages to get all their money," she said. "He promises them a boy band and while they are waiting on instruments and uniforms he leaves with the money. When he goes to this town in Iowa he meets a spinster librarian and falls in love with her. He can't con them because of the girl. It's hilarious!"
Sherrill said GECA practices are thriving, although they are a little nervous because the performance dates are near.
"They (the practices) are going well," she said. "It's a little unnerving that the musical is so close."
GECA performers are concerned about attendance when they perform "The Music Man" in Flomaton since its the same weekend Escambia County High School will be putting on their play.
"We're kind of worried because it's the same weekend as ECHSs play," Sherrill said. "We need the loyal audience to come. It's an excellent show and they won't be disappointed."
Cast members for "The Music Man" include, Karl Robinson as Harold Hill, Sherrie Hursh as Marian Paroo, Dan Johnson as Winthrop Paroo, Sharon Poulsen as Mrs. Paroo, Venia McMorris as Eulalie Shinn, Mike McMorris as Mayor Shinn, Jeffrey Huber as Marcellus Washburn, Joseph Billy as Tommy Djilas, Ellen Johnson as Zaneeta Shinn, Leonard Hursh as Charlie Cowell, Dana Hursh as Amaryllis, Anne Sherrill as Alma Hix, Pam Dees as Maud Dunlop, Emily Moore as Ethel Toffelmier, Wanetta McGinty as Mrs. Squires, Janet Walker as Mrs. Britt, Meg Sherrill as Gracie Shinn, Tom McGinty as Constable Locke, Ellis Beachy as Conductor, Bruce Moore as Ewart Dunlop, Perry Jones as Jacey Squires, Jerry Gehman as Oliver Hix and Phil Johnson as Olin Britt.
"Music Man" salesmen include, Mike McMorris, Stephen Billy, Perry Jones, Don Carter and Tom McGinty.
Others on the train include Jerry Gehman and Phil Johnson.
The Kid's Band includes, Courtney Hursh, Gunner Carter, Brandon Beachy, David Weber, Dan Johnson, Camryn McGinty and Dakota Goins.
The Dance Team includes, Stephen Billy, Perry Jones, Don Carter, Phil Johnson, Tom McGinty, Ace Goins, Meg Sherrill, Kate Sherrill, Janet Walker, Anne Sherrill, Wanetta McGinty, Sharon Poulsen and Kendra Beachy.
The chorus and townsfolk include, Judy Huber, Samantha Byrd, Heather Byrd, Mary Beachy, Loraine &Rob Weinmann and Laura Henry.
Performances at Flomaton High School will be held April 27-28 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the Flomaton performance are available at Annie's Community Cup, The Atmore Advance and Atmore News. Performances in Pell City will be held May 4-5.
GECA was granted permission to perform "The Music Man" by Music Theater International.
For more information call 368-3899.

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