Kizer rebuts Smith's views

Published 11:43 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2007

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
Once again I can no longer set idly by while you continue to print the convoluted opinions of Master Tray Smith in you newspaper.
His recent article entitled "Congressional Democrats are over the line" is filled with such misinformation that it could only be treated as comical if so many local people did not take it seriously.
First of all Master Tray lights into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as if she were some junior congresswoman with no legislative experience. He belittles her trip to Syria all the while not mentioning that THREE REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN were in Syria just the day before her arrival. Tray either is unaware of this or deliberately chooses not to mention this fact in his diatribe against Democrats.
Representatives Frank Wolfe, Joe Pitts and Robert Aderholt (all Republicans met with Syrian President Assad in Damascus). Why no out cry from Tray regarding this fact.
Tray states that the only public official responsible for setting our nations foreign policy is George Bush. What a state of denial Tray lives in if he truly believes this. Yes, George Bush should be setting our nations foreign policy, however, it is plain to see that he is completely incapable of handling this complicated responsibility and has alienated the United States from most of the civilized world with his foreign policies.
I would also like to know how Tray knows what goes on in Nancy Pelosi's mind and what diplomatic forum or stage she is setting or representing. Tray has no knowledge of or experience in foreign policy matters and yet the Atmore Advance allows his opinions to be printed as fact from his ill-informed immature point of view.
Tray continues to state that the Democrats have continuously fought the President on his war strategy. What informed, open minded, and even remotely educated individual would not fight the president's war policy and strategy. The President and the Republican Party have been and continue to be blind to the fact the very vast majority of the citizens of the United States and indeed the world are totally against this war in Iraq.
The Atmore Advance and Master Tray Smith would be better advised to research his information before printing such one sided and obviously Republican slanted view of the world.
Foster Kizer

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