Board of Education needs to dig deeper

Published 2:29 am Monday, June 4, 2007

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Although it is obvious the Escambia County Board of Education would like to have more money… they never seem to tire of asking… it is time for them to tighten their belts just as all of the residents of the county are being forced to do. Just because a tax is expiring, that is not sufficient reason to renew it.
There was a significant tax increase voted in two or three years ago to help county schools because state funds were not available at previous levels. That tax is still in effect, and the problem has been relieved, but they don't tell you that…they simply say "Now we want the expiring tax to be renewed."
Send them a clear message… "Taxes can't be considered as permanent. Get out of the 'Gimme!' frame of mind. Learn to work with what we give you, and don't expect us to cover any and all expenses you generate. We have to watch our spending even more these days. If it means we cut back or go without, we do just that… we cut back or go without, sometimes both! It's time, and long overdue, for you to do the same thing."
All of us have had to watch our spending lately, to be sure every penny is spent in a productive manner. Property taxes increase continually and unreasonably, the water company just announced an unreasonable price increase, gas prices go nowhere but up, food costs increase daily(a gallon of milk a year ago cost $2.29; today it costs $3.69, 62 percent more than a year ago)…to name only a few…but seldom do our employers provide cost of living or similar raises to compensate us to offset these increases, nor is there any sign all those increases will soon stop. Now it is time for our school system to understand they just can't expect us to empty our pockets every time it thinks it needs, or wants, more money to operate.
Do you want more taxes? If so, stay home and don't do anything. But if you're fed up with the constant increases of new taxes, and other higher costs, go to the polls on June 5, and vote "NO!… AGAINST!" on renewing the tax. We're taxed enough already! And taxes won't stop unless we take a firm position and strongly speak out against them. Let's make our "NO!" votes count!
J. Clayton Anderson

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