Father’s Day gift ideas

Published 3:12 am Wednesday, June 13, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Another holiday is just around the corner and this time it is all about dad.
I have always had a hard time trying to find something for my dad for Father’s Day, his birthday, Christmas and any other holiday. It’s not that I don’t know my dad or understand him, it is just that I am a girl and everything I want to buy tends to be, well, girly.
Over the past few years I have tried to steer clear of the typical neck-tie gift that is so easy to purchase, yet so incredibly boring.
In trying to stay away from the everyday tie, button-up shirt or khaki pants ideas as a present for dad, I’ve come up with some pretty good gift ideas that any man should enjoy.
There is not any dad that I know that would not love to have food or electronics as a gift. Now, obviously, if “daddy’s little girl” buys him something that he is not a huge fan of, he will still smile and pretend to be absolutely enthralled with the gift. It is time to make dad have a genuine, “I actually like this gift,” smile on his face.
Throughout the years, I have often times gotten my dad a gift certificate to some sort of food establishment for holidays that involve gift-giving. This, children, is a great idea for dad’s who love to eat out.
In Atmore there are several good food establishments that you can either take your dad to eat or buy him a gift certificate for when he gets that rumbly in his tummy. David’s Catfish House is a wonderful place for dad’s to enjoy some great seafood or even a hamburger. And, the Whistle Stop Grill is another fantastic place for dining. The list goes on and on but really, the restaurant a child chooses to take his or her dad for dinner or to buy a gift certificate from is dependent upon the tastes of the father.
Another gift idea for dad is anything from Radio Shack, Best Buy, or any other store that sells electronics.
I would suggest buying a new gadget, such as a cell phone or music player for his car. Or, a more inexpensive and more individualized gift idea would be to learn what dad’s favorite music or movie star is and buy him a CD or DVD with that artist featured. That way, he knows you listen when he tells you his favorite things and you save a couple of bucks.
And, finally, we are in the south. I have learned that there is nothing men here love more than sports. With that being said, go out to Hibbett or Elite Sporting Goods and buy dad a shirt and hat featuring his favorite team.
There are many different things a daughter or son could get their father for Father’s Day, a cell phone, CD, DVD, iPod, video games, sports paraphernalia, a gift card to his favorite restaurant, a new watch – the list goes on.
But, the most important thing is to give him time. Spend the day with your dad to show him that you care!
Adrienne McKenzie is a staff reporter for The Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123 or via email at lifestyles@atmoreadvance.com

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