Letter to Editor

Published 3:24 am Thursday, June 14, 2007

By Staff
Red Cross offers thanks for training
Please allow me to use this forum to thank those who richly deserve our thanks.
Thank you to all those who worked so hard. As someone at the "Hot Wash" said, we played together well and shared our toys well.
From the American Red Cross support function side of the exercise drill in Flomaton, we need to publically thank several groups. The Alabama Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross provided the ERV and two drivers, Roger and Wanda Reek out of Mobile. Atmore Red Cross volunteers Sandra Gray, Joan Hackman, Julia Stroud and Sandy Zuiderhoek joined with local volunteers Gary Findley, Chris Smith and myself. Snacks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and various cold drinks were available for all attendees. Cups and napkins were donated by Burger King.
Red Cross supports during disasters large and small. And, not only for the home owner, client / but Red Cross also supports the efforts of those first responders whenever we are able to do so and for large scale fires or situations in which we receive the call. In a real emergency situation, these different Red Cross units could all be called in to support each other as needed. Thank you all for a job well done with a positive attitude!
The local Escambia County Rescue Squad van was driven by a volunteer (who loaded up for 3 hours) and the van allowed us to transport all the various supplies needed to support the responders, victims and various fire departments and law enforcement agencies. Thank you Rescue Squad members for being there so consistently for Escambia County.
This exercise was well planned and was a positive learning experience. This is the first time local Red Cross volunteers have been included in such an exercise and the training opportunity is much appreciated. Again, thank you to all our Red Cross volunteer participants. If you would like to volunteer please call 867-3426 for more information.
I cannot end without offering a hearty "Well Done!" to all the many agencies and participants and to our Emergency Management Director, David Adams.
Rogene Martin
American Red Cross
East Escambia Co. Chapter

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