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Published 3:25 am Thursday, June 14, 2007

By Staff
The weather is scorching hot outside. When we step outdoors, we are automatically covered in sweat and immediately wish we could go back inside to the nice, cool air conditioning.
Since being inside is not an option 100 percent of every day, it is important to have fun while in the sun.
There are two public pools in Atmore, one at Houston Avery Park and one at Tom Byrne Park.
The lifeguards at these pools have the difficult task of keeping their eyes on every single person swimming in the pool. It is a huge responsibility for them to have the lives of the people swimming in their hands.
There are some things parents can do to ensure the safety of their children at both the Tom Byrne pool and Houston Avery pool to make the work of the lifeguards a little bit easier.
First of all, parents, supervise your children. Always know where they are when at the pool. Stay close and maintain constant eye contact and never leave your child unattended. Do not assume anyone else is watching your child because the lifeguards may be dealing with an issue and may not be able to have their eyes on every child.
Parents, if you send a babysitter to the pool with your child, instruct him or her about potential pool hazards to young children and give them a list of instructions on how to properly care for a child while at the swimming facility.
Just because your child has had swimming lessons, do not assume they are drown proof. Keep your eyes on them at all times.
Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. Sometimes an inflatable device will bust.
It is also important for parents and other caregivers to learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in the instance that a tragedy does occur in the swimming pool.
Children, your parents cannot take all of the responsibility for keeping you safe, you have to put forth some effort also.
Kids, never swim alone. Always have a friend swim with you while an adult is watching. It is also important to follow all of the safety rules of your parents, lifeguards and the pool.
Do not chew gum or eat while you are swimming. You could very easily choke off of candy or gum. Also, avoid swimming right after eating a big meal.
Stay away from the diving boards while you are swimming. The person jumping off the board may or may not see you.
Do not dunk or jump on other swimmers. Somebody could easily get injured that way.
Parents and children, these are just a few safety tips for fun in the sun at either the Tom Byrne pool or Houston Avery pool. Please, be safe.

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