Letter to the Editor

Published 5:53 am Wednesday, July 18, 2007

By Staff
Water system: 'complicated deal'
Dear Editor,
I attended a public meeting a few weeks ago concerning the one million dollars the utilities department will spend to upgrade water lines and pipes. I was the only citizen there, which says something about the interest in our most important infrastructure- water.
Mr. Wolfe arranged for me to take a tour of the water system, and Mr. Roley graciously took me on a tour of one of the tanks… and explained the water system… It is one complicated deal, and our water and sewer department should be recognized for their untiring and hard work to get us to our taps… water that is safe and potable, which is no easy matter with all of the pollutants in our water table. There is no bigger crisis at this moment in the world than clean water and clean air. All living organisms must have clean water to live. And as we encroach on wetlands and creeks and oceans we are slowly destroying our "life force," e.g. The Everglades and The Amazon Basin.
We need leadership from those in "power" to give this issue top priority. Beautification and photo ops aren't enough to make the changes we need to have a healthy natural environment.
Robert W. Mays

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