Letter to the Editor

Published 6:09 am Monday, July 23, 2007

By Staff
Standing strong
Dear Editor,
In the Conecuh Woods Dump advertisements, Conecuh Woods says "$1 billion economic impact" for Conecuh County. What does this mean? A $1 billion impact over one year, two years, 60 years? If the county will receive $270 million over the life of the dump, that means this revenue will be received in payments over at least 60 years but could be longer ($4.5 million per year at 60 years but could be less depending on actual garbage tonnage brought in daily and lifespan), where will the rest of that $1 billion go?
Conecuh Woods says it will bring up to 50 high paying jobs. What exactly will these jobs pay?
Conecuh Woods says it will not cost the taxpayer a dime. According to the law, this dump will have to be cared for up to 30 years after closure, by its current owner at that time. However, some environmentalists say it must be cared for at least 1,000 years, while others say it must be maintained forever. Who do you suppose will be paying for those extra 970 years – eternity? Nothing is free.
Conecuh Woods says it is environmentally safe and economically sound. What if they are wrong? If they are wrong, we will not know until it is too late.
What will Conecuh Woods cost the taxpayer and those in surrounding counties? Will it cost us our health, birth defects etc. in generations to come? Will it cost us contaminated ground water? Remember EPA says all landfill liners leak. And, 1 percent of all household waste is toxic (10,000 tons per day will generate 100 tons of toxic waste). Will it cost us quality of life? Will we live day in and day out with stench from garbage created by the rest of the United States? Will it cost us our property value and economic growth? Once the investors sell this dump, will we ever see them again after they cash their checks? Are you ready to trust Donald W. "Jimmy" Stone and David Kirby, both investors in Conecuh Woods, who live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, located more than 400 miles from the dumpsite?
Conecuh Woods is waiting for us to get tired and go away. If we stand strong together and continue praying for no dump, we can win this battle.
Terri B. Carter
Mayor of Repton

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