City recycling program needed

Published 6:25 am Wednesday, July 25, 2007

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
How great is the mountain we have to move in our town of Atmore before we can begin recycling?
I meet people in every circle of contact who ask the question, "Why not in Atmore?"
Who knows what the obstacles are that have caused our local leaders to decline to let us into the new millennium, but if they could conquer those obstacles in other (lesser) burgs in our great State, why can't we?
There are those among us who would like the discussion to begin. If you are one of those, please, feel free to contact me. We are initiating petitions, inquiries and conversations on the topics of ecology, conservation and recycling.
Consciousness raising is needed- mostly among the adults of our community. Kids in school already know the issues. My grandchildren are learning about the environmental issues WE were supposed to solve. I guarantee they quickly see the clash between what they are learning in school and what is being practical in real life.
It's embarrassing to have to admit that we still do not recycle in our town. Plus, we still use non-biodegradable products in all of our churches and schools. Whatever happened to washing the dishes? Now we just throw them away.
There was a time when trash was taken out to the "back 40" and shoved into the gully. There aren't enough gullies left anymore to handle all the garbage we produce.
School students, college students and all old people, now is the time for us to walk the walk we have been talking about for the past 40 years. Let me know if you are interested- I'm in the phone book.
Letitia Digmon

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