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Published 8:01 am Monday, August 20, 2007

By Staff
Make storm plans now
So far, we've had a very mild hurricane season. But a tropical depression that was being watched became Hurricane Dean Friday and forecasters say we're in for a couple of weeks of intense activity in the tropics. Another tropical depression also struck Brownsville, Texas.
It's not time to get alarmed, not time to stock up on bread and milk, but it is time to realize that August, September and October generally bring the most severe weather.
It is time to plan. If you need to evacuate your home or this area, where will you go? Consider the homes of friends and family members in other towns, or possible shelters. Keep handy the telephone numbers of these places as well as a road map of your locality. You may need to take alternative or unfamiliar routes if major roads are closed or clogged.
Make a list of supplies you would need if you evacuated so that you don't leave anything out during the stressful hours when storms threaten our shores. That list should include:
Remember, if you decide to sit out a storm, you'll need extra supplies here, as well. It's not too soon to check batteries and stock up on canned food that you can use even if not needed in the event of a storm.
Hopefully, these storms will only bring us much-needed rain. But it's better to think now and be prepared than to be panicked later.

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