Don't deny the wrongs upon us

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By By Keiana White
Pope Benedict XVI once prayed,
"Lord Jesus,
open our eyes:
let us see the filth around us
and recognize it for what it is,
so that a single tear of sorrow
can restore us to purity of heart
and the breadth of true freedom.
Open our eyes,
Lord, Jesus!"
('Way of the Cross' of Pope Benedict XVI for Good Friday 2006,
There are wrongs all around us. But, instead of confronting those wrongs, and doing what it takes to make those wrongs right, we turn our heads. We become indifferent. We try rationalizing the wrongs away. I am sorry; but, we can no longer deny the wrongs brought upon us.
On Aug. 6 the owners of C&S Chemicals, Inc. told the City of Atmore the names of the people and the organizations that were "directly" involved in giving them access to the purchase of land for a chemical plant location in a residential area: Woods Road (Atmore Advance and Atmore News, Aug. 8 publications).
I believe that the named people and organizations are directly responsible for a chemical plant making its way into, not an industrial park, but a peaceful and "thriving" community. We have spoken to the owners, face-to-face, of the chemical plant. Why have we not had the opportunity to meet with those responsible for the chemical plant getting to Atmore? Those responsible, we want to meet with YOU!
For far too long, the people of Escambia County have lived here, blind to the unjust and ungodly forces that have taken over, and that are now "trying" to dominate the lives of the people.
Though, it has been said that there is nothing anyone can do about C&S Chemicals, Inc.'s location in Atmore, there is POWER IN THE PEOPLE. We CAN do something about it!
Barbara Evans, of Wild Life Law, said at the Aug. 6 meeting that in the 1950s a group of people from Alabama got together to stand up for themselves and to fight against the injustices brought upon them. Thus, this group brought about a miraculous change that was felt throughout the nation and ultimately throughout the world: The Civil Rights Movement. Because of the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil Rights Act was added to the amendments in 1964. Does anyone remember that time? Has anyone ever heard of JFK or Martin Luther King Jr.?
WHERE ARE "THE PEOPLE" NOW? Atmore and all surrounding areas, please recognize the power YOU have over the world in which YOU live. Exercise your rights as citizens of the United States of America. We do not have to settle for things that are displeasing to us. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
Lord, Jesus, Open our eyes.
To those people, who were named by C&S Chemicals, Inc., who are involved in this "scheme," I recognize and call you out for what you "really" are: weak and wicked!
You do NOT deserve the business of the people! You do NOT deserve the respect of the people! You do NOT deserve the right to serve on any board or make discussions of any kind on behalf of the people! You have betrayed the people.
In time, "all" will be revealed.
Keiana White is a resident of Freemanville.

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