Letter to the Editor

Published 9:12 am Thursday, September 6, 2007

By Staff
Plant may harm residents now and in future
Dear citizens of Atmore:
I hope that you are all aware of the fact that a chemical plant headquartered in metro Atlanta has bought five acres of land on Woods Road in Freemanville right in the middle of a residential area and next door to the New Order Baptist Church and pastorium. They cleared this land and have already gotten one of the two required permits from ADEM to operate their facility where they will be using Bauxite (by rail) and SULPHURIC ACID (which will be brought in by trucks down our highways three times a day) to make aluminum sulfate. I am also sure that some of you have thought that since it will be in Freemanville, it will not affect me. But should a spill or leak occur in one of those tanker trucks on the way to the plant, everyone in a 10-mile or more radius would have to evacuate. Remember what happened in Castleberry not long ago when a railroad car overturned and the derailment at Canoe a few years ago?
Just think of the 40 trains that pass through Atmore and all the tanker trucks that travel down our highways now and we don't have a clue of what they contain.
We need to talk this up around town and get everyone involved-not just the citizens of Freemanville.
Find out from the Citizens Action Coalition when the next meeting will be and become a part of the effort to keep this plant and others like it away from our community.
This could be something very hazardous to our health and our children and grandchildren's health for years to come.
Terri Robinson
Atmore resident

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