Letter to the Editor

Published 10:58 am Monday, October 1, 2007

By Staff
ECHS band needs local donations
This is a call to action for every person who used to be a Band Booster at ECHS, every person who ever played in the ECHS band, every person who used to direct the ECHS marching/concert band, indeed, every person who enjoys the sight and sound of a marching band on parade.
We need one moment of action. Please remember (as I recently was reminded) – remember how it was, because, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
ECHS band lacks instruments. Among other reasons for the lack is the fact that after Ivan, monies were spent on such things as chairs, rather than, for instance, drums.
There is a small group of Band Booster parents who are at their wits end (as we were back when I was a band parent) as to how to get some money to clean the uniforms, to repair and/or replace instruments, et cetera.
As always, there are parents who either refuse or are unable to foot the bill for their child's participation in the band. Because of unpaid band fees, students were not permitted to march at a recent football game.
Sometimes in this life, the minority must matter. In this case, the minority are we people who advocate music education in the school, while the majority are either boosters of athletics, or they are apathetic. Nothing has changed since my five kids marched in the band. The band director has to scrape and make-do to meet the basic needs of his band students.
But, Gandhi said, "I must BE the change I seek in the world." I used to wish that the whole town of Atmore would care about the band-the immeasurable good it produces in the quality of life for the students, as well as for the town. Now, I must BE what I wish others to be-a concerned citizen who acts.
Shall we request permission to have a road-block and stand out there with tin cans and our hands out? The band members already held two car washes this year. Better than that- your act of generosity, right now, with a one-time donation (it is tax-deductible, of course), could actually change things. Please make your check payable to ECHS band and mail it to ECHS band director Dennis Reid, 1215 South Presley St., Atmore, 36502.
Letitia Digmon

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