Bonner votes 'No' for children's health care

Published 12:51 pm Monday, October 29, 2007

By By Foster Kizer
The House of Representatives once again pushed forward a revised children's health care bill this week and once again Congressman Bonner decided in his wisdom to vote against the measure.
As stated in the "Mobile Press Register," public opinion polls show widespread support for the measure and once again our congressman is not listening to his constituents and would rather see our children go without proper health care insurance.
What will it take to convince Congressman Bonner that monies spent on our children's health care is more important than the monies spent on the war in Iraq? Bonner states that he is against increased taxes to support health care for children, even though this increase is to be paid for with increased taxes on cigarettes, not with a general tax increase. I wonder just how much money is being contributed to Bonner and other Republican members of congress by the tobacco lobby. Why else would any rational person be against providing proper health care to our children.
Here are a few more points to ponder. This is taken from an article written by Victor Kamber for the Tampa Tribune last week: "If spending in Iraq means America can't afford health care for our children or infrastructure maintenance to keep our bridges from falling down, then the terrorists have won." Kamber goes on to state that "our national debt is exploding. Today it stands at more than $9 trillion, a 56 percent increase under President Bush. That is over $29,000 for every man, woman and child in our nation. America is spending $15 billion a month in Iraq to wage a mistaken war that is a recruiting bazaar for al-Qaida terrorists. Somewhere in a well-stocked cave in ally Pakistan, Osama bin Ladin must be laughing his turban off. The title of Kamber's article is "If we can't pay our medical bills, have the terrorists won?" Now that is something to think about Congressman Bonner.
Call or write to Congressman Bonner and demand that he support adequate and proper health insurance for the children of our nation and stop the hemorrhage spending on this useless war in Iraq. Or at least remember when Congressman Bonner is up for re-election that he would rather spend your tax money on this useless war and not on proper insurance for our children.
Foster Kizer is owner of Royal Oaks Bed &Breakfast. He can be reached at 368-8722.

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