Fun at annual festival

Published 1:28 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
On Oct. 27 Atmore residents had the enjoyment of the annual Williams Station Day festival.
I was going to write my column about Williams Station Day last week, but unfortunately I was out sick with the flu. So, although it is not quite as current of an event, I would like to devote this week's column to the fun of Williams Station Day.
The Advance had a booth, which I only sat at for a little while during the day because it was my weekend to work so I walked around to take photos. But, while I did sit at the booth it was both nice to chat with my co-workers because during the week we really only get to talk about work things, but it was also nice to have Atmore residents and guests visit the booth. We had newspapers on display for individuals to take for free and everybody seemed shocked that something in the world has no strings attached!
We also had cups, candy, pens and coupons for the Advance for people to take home with them. All the people who came to the tent that I talked to were very nice and were in such a great mood.
While walking around I came into contact with so many people and saw so many things that I wanted to buy. Thank goodness I left my purse at home or I probably would have spent far too much money. I was very impressed with all the different items at the festival, from clothing to jewelry to paintings. Everything was top quality and interesting to view.
I also enjoyed all the antique cars on display at Williams Station Day. I do not know anything about cars, but I do know when one has a cool look to it and those antique cars really had a "cool" factor to them.
It was also my first time to hear the Andrew Sisters USO Show. Those three ladies were so incredibly talented and it was especially entertaining when they had United Bank president Bob Jones on stage serenading him. They even coerced him to wear a veil!
I happened to have just enough cash in my pockets for a chicken-on-a-stick and a ride on the GyroGym at Williams Station Day. The chicken-on-a-stick was quite spicy, but delicious and very filling. And I cannot say enough about the GyroGym. In case Advance readers do not know what a GyroGym is, I was strapped into this apparatus that allowed me to spin in every way imaginable, even upside down. My boyfriend Matt captured some fabulous photos of me dangling in the air.
The GyroGym was a lot of fun, but as soon as I stepped off I must admit that I was a little dizzy and my stomach was queasy. But, I definitely had a workout on the machine. The next day when I woke up my entire body ached like I had run a 10K marathon. If I had enough money I'd buy a GyroGym for my home, I would probably lose 100 pounds!
There were many entertaining things at Williams Station Day, but not enough room to write about all of them. So, I hope those residents who didn't get to make it out this year will be able to come next year and I hope those who were at the event had as great of a time as I did!
Adrienne McKenzie is a staff reporter for The Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123 or via email at

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