Letter to the Editor

Published 1:35 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2007

By Staff
Recycle Now planning Atmore Recycles Day
Atmore Recycle Now is what we are calling ourselves, as the volunteer task force trying to help Atmore City Hall get a recycling program up and running.
In August we began our effort by creating a Web page called "Atmore Will Recycle." That sounded too iffy for our mission, so we changed it by dropping the "will." Now that the city's Recycle Depot is open, we can say that Atmore recycles.
On Nov. 11, we will have another open meeting in the Meeting Room of the Atmore Public Library at 10 a.m. All interested and/or curious people are encouraged to be there. While we will begin plans aiming toward Earth Day 2008, we are happy to announce that our new Web site is ready for all eyes: www.atmorerecyclenow.org. The first message we convey on the Web is that Nov. 15 is known across the U.S.A. as "America Recycles Day." Aren't we glad that Atmore can now be counted IN!
The Recycle Depot is not entirely self-explanatory, nor is it all that easy to access. Please be undaunted in your will and determination to take part in this most righteous, even heroic, conservation endeavor. It is heroic to overcome. Overcome what?
Overcome the comfort zone. Clean-Crush-Carry – aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard. All types of aluminum cans be bagged together and put in the bin on the recycle trailer. All types of plastics can be dropped into one bin. All kinds of paper can go into the black bins-not just newspaper. All sorts of cardboard can be collapsed and stacked in tight bundles. But, don't mix the different commodities together. Sort them into the correct receptacle. Recycling in Atmore is not a comfortable pastime.
Therefore-it is the job of Atmore Recycle Now to urge every person reading this newspaper to recycle. Recycle this newspaper, recycle your junk mail, recycle your milk jugs, 2 liter bottles, water bottles, etc.
If you're waiting for the right time and saving up all your stuff – mark your calendar and make Nov. 15 Atmore Recycles Day.
Letty Digmon

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