Teachers gather for yearly luncheon at local schools

Published 1:58 pm Monday, November 19, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Everyone remembers at least one teacher, whether they were in elementary, middle, high school or in college, who has touched their lives in one way or another.
Partly because of these teachers is the reason why people go on to become doctors or lawyers, or maybe even a teacher themselves.
Because of the inspiration provided by teachers of the past, on Nov. 13-14 members of the Escambia County Education Retirees Association were honored at schools throughout the county.
"Everyone's life has been enriched by a retired educator," ECERA president Johnny Davis said in a press release. "Even in our retirement years, retired educators continue to touch the lives of those around us by volunteering in the community."
During the 1990 legislative session, the state legislature passed the Senate Joint Resolution 82 (Acts No. 90-183), which established the Tuesday of American Education Week every year as Retired Teachers Day.
ECERA celebrated Retired Teachers Day on both Tuesday and Wednesday at local schools. ECERA members were invited to different schools including A.C. Moore Elementary School and Rachel Patterson Elementary School for lunch during these two days. Also, many of the retired teachers were given tokens of appreciation during their Sunday services of church prior to Retired Teachers Day.
ECERA members also give back to the community. Recently they donated $1,200 to the Flomaton Library fund.
The president of ECERA is Johnny Davis of Brewton. Charlotte Boyle serves as the Atmore area vice president and Lillie Dove serves as the Brewton area vice president.

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