We must agree to disagree

Published 2:51 pm Monday, December 3, 2007

By By Foster Kizer
Recently a cousin stopped by for a quick visit. In our conversation, he stated that he has thought about writing a letter to the editor expressing his views and opinions. He wanted to make sure that Atmore understands that even though we share family ties, that he is pretty much diametrically opposed to my political views. I very much respect his opinions and views and respect and love him even though we are 180 degrees apart on most of our political views. I encouraged him to write a letter to the editor and to share with the community his views on world issues.
My point here is that this is America and thank God we have the freedom to disagree with each other. I encourage all members of our community to share their views by writing letters to the editors of our local newspapers and most importantly to write to their senators, congressmen and even the President and share their views on issues that affect their lives and our country.
My opinions are formed from my views developed over my lifetime. I have traveled extensively, seen how the world views America and our foreign policies and have read the opinions of world leaders. My articles are researched, the facts and figures that I quote are taken from leading newspapers and magazines and articles written by people who are far more knowledgeable than I.
I read the "Mobile Press Register" every morning. The "Press Register" is by nature a right leaning Republican newspaper and I rarely agree with its editorial writings. However, much to my surprise a recent editorial was right on target in my opinion. The editorial was in support of Class 3 Gaming at the Creek Entertainment Center here in Atmore. The article pointed out the hypocrisy coming out of our governor's office. The governor continues to NOT support gaming in Alabama. His opinions are obviously based upon the strong influence of the religious right in Alabama.
The article stated that the governor allows the state to own and operate liquor stores throughout the state which is opposed by the religious right, but would not dare get out of this business because of the revenue generated for the state budget every year. Shared revenues from Class 3 Gaming would add millions of dollars to our state budget. Just as no one is forced to buy liquor, no one would be forced to spend their money in the casinos. This is gross hypocrisy coming out of the governor's office.

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