Time for someone who will represent Atmore

Published 3:51 pm Monday, December 17, 2007

By By Foster Kizer
Oh the dribble coming out of Congressman Bonner continues unabated. His latest diatribe in his "This week in Washington" just reinforces the fact that this man is totally out of touch with reality. He stated that American men and women are fighting in Iraq putting their lives on the line in defense of our country. Just what are they defending us from, what terrorist have come from Iraq? As I continue to say, and the fact that Jo Bonner continues to ignore is that none of the 9/11 terrorist came from Iraq. Almost all of them came from Saudi Arabia. Yet he keeps his head buried in misinformation and refuses to face the fact that perhaps we should be fighting in Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq.
Any intelligent American knows that this war is all about oil. Just how many dollars have the big oil companies contributed the republican campaign coffers? I would guess millions. It is also not surprising that Jo Bonner has voted to put more profit into oil industry pockets. If in doubt just check to see how much money from big oil has been flowing into Jo's campaign coffers. He continues to blame the Democrats for playing politics with the funding for the war. Oh Heaven forbid that the Democrats are attempting to tie deadlines and withdrawal dates to the funding of this war. Jo Bonner's war mongering ideals continue to allow our dedicated men and women to be killed and he just does not seem to care one bit. If he truly cared about our men and women fighting in this useless war, he would join the Democrats by voting to end the funding for this war and bring our troops home so they can focus on more important matters. Jo Bonner does not care that this war is bankrupting our country. He continues to ignore the fact the vast majority of Americans do not support this useless war and that the President and the Republicans have then lowest approval ratings in the history of our nation. Jo Bonner continues to support a President who has the lowest rating in history and has voted with the President 93 percent of the time. This should tell us something of where Jo Bonner stands, it is obviously NOT with his constituents here is south Alabama. Just remember, Jo voted against expanded health care for your children here in Alabama. It is time we get someone that will truly represent our area and do something about this economic black hole that is more than nine trillion dollars deep in national debt. Keep these facts in mind when you go to vote next time.
Foster Kizer is owner of Royal Oaks Bed &Breakfast. He can be reached at 368-8722.

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