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Published 4:16 pm Thursday, December 27, 2007

By Staff
Senior Living
(This week The Atmore Advance spotlights 78-year-old Otha Martin. Martin enjoys gardening and visiting with his friends at the Poarch SAIL Center.)
Q: When and where were you born?
A: Back in the woods in Escambia County on Sept. 10, 1929.
Q: Who were your parents?
A: Elsie Martin and Archie McGhee.
Q: Where were they from?
A: My mom was raised around here and my dad was raised in Huxford and then moved to New York.
Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: There were nine of us.
Q: Where do they all live?
A: Douglas lives in Chicago. My four sisters live here. My brother Lavan lives here. J.T. lives in the housing reservation and one is deceased.
Q: Where did you attend school?
A: Poarch.
Q: Do you do a lot of traveling?
A: No, I'm disabled so my travel is limited.
Q: What jobs have you held?
A: Plenty of them. I was plowing a mule when I was 10 years old for $1 a day.
Most of the jobs I had, when I got old enough I got a job on the boat, hauling jet fuel for the Navy and Army.
Q: What else have you done?
A: Farming. All I'm doing now is raising a garden.
Q: Did you ever marry?
A: Yes.
Q: What's your wife's name?
A: Doris Marie Martin.
Q: How long have you been married?
A: About 50 years.
Q: Do you have any children?
A: We have three boys and one girl.
Q: What are their names?
A: Nathan, Lamar, Nelson and Pauline.
Q: Do you have any grandchildren?
A: We have three great grandchildren and four grandchildren.
Q: Where do you attend church?
A: Episcopalian.
Q: What keeps you busy these days?
A: Going around aggravating everybody.
They have a place over here that teaches little kids that I visit.
I always say 'If you want love, you have to give love.'"
Q: What's your favorite TV show?
A: Westerns.
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