Counterfeit bills circulating

Published 5:58 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2008

By By Adam Prestridge
Con artists have allegedly been passing counterfeit bills at Atmore businesses, numerous bank representatives confirmed Monday.
The funny money began circulating around town late last week and more was discovered early Monday morning, including unconfirmed reports of a counterfeit $10 and $100 bill at an area gas station, counterfeit money at a local fast food restaurant and a $100 counterfeit bill at one of the local dollar stores.
According to Marsh, if an individual or business brings counterfeit money in the bank or it is included in a deposit, that person or business has to forfeit the money.
One way for business owners to avoid receiving counterfeit money is to require their employees to use “Counterfeit Money Detector” pens. According to Edgar’s Business Solutions owner Billy Edgar, the detector pens can be purchased at his store for $5.45.
Below are a few tips to avoid getting conned:
If you believe you have received counterfeit money, contact the Atmore Police Department at 368-9141 or one of the many Atmore banks.

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