Time to follow through

Published 6:42 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Some New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep, even though it has not even been a month since we made them.
I for instance had a couple of resolutions and have really only been able to keep up with one of them.
My 'goals' for 2008 were to exercise more and eat healthier, try to stay more on top of my financial game and to keep my house tidier and organized.
Well, the exercising more and eating healthier has actually been a breeze compared to the finances and organization.
I enjoy waking up in the morning and exercising to my workout videos because they keep me awake throughout the day. I feel much more energized when I do a little cardio in the morning than if I don't. The eating healthier has been a little bit more difficult because I am a fast food junkie, but I've been pretty impressed with myself. I've eaten more salads since Jan. 2 than I think I ever have in my life. I still eat fast food, but I get a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a huge cheeseburger or a fried chicken sandwich and I absolutely do not order French fries, they are delicious, but also devilish.
As far as the organization and finances go, that is more difficult because it takes a lot more time. And, time is one thing that I do not have an abundance of. But, one of these days I will have to get myself together on those two aspects of life, until then I'll continue my goal of a healthier me.
No matter what your goals for the year are, try to keep them. And, if you did not set any goals maybe you should, it's never too late!
I found some tips at www.ehow.com that may help you, and me, keep up with those lofty goals for 2008.
Hopefully these tips will help you and also myself follow through with our goals.
Adrienne McKenzie is managing editor for The Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123 or via email at lifestyles@atmoreadvance.com

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