Atmore F.D.'s newest captains

Published 7:02 pm Sunday, January 27, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Atmore Fire Department chief Gerry McGhee has recently promoted three firefighters to the captain position.
Atmore firefighters Ronald Peebles, Jeremy Blackmon and Dan Currie were recently promoted to captains after a display of hard work and dedication.
"I gave a test for the captain position and had three people to apply so I went ahead and promoted all three," McGhee said.
At the beginning of 2007 Atmore Fire Department captain Mike Roberts retired, creating an open captain position, McGhee said.
"Then I promoted Mike Staples to assistant chief so that made two openings," he said.
When Peebles, Blackmon and Currie showed excellence in the test administered, McGhee promoted each of them.
"I had an independent testing lab make up the test off of books I sent them," McGhee said.
McGhee said there was also an oral interview with himself and a few chiefs from surrounding areas speaking to each captain hopeful.
"Both of those came together and that's how we chose," McGhee said. "I think it went well, it was the first time we've done that."
Along with the position of captain comes more responsibility.
"They now run the shifts," McGhee said. "If there is a problem then they'll go to the assistant chief and then the assistant chief will come to me."
Currie has been with the Atmore Fire Department for 23 years, McGhee said.
"He knows what goes on because he's been a shift leader before when a captain has been out," he said.
Peebles and Blackmon have been with AFD for approximately five years and "both knew the workings of a captain," according to McGhee.

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