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Published 7:53 pm Sunday, February 3, 2008

By Staff
Time to go vote
While results from the Presidential Primaries have filled the news since the beginning of the year, only seven states have yet to vote in either party’s nomination contest. That means that 43 states remain. Of those 43, more than 20 will vote this coming Tuesday in the closest thing we have ever had to a “national primary.”
Alabama will be one of those 20 states. Thus, we will be front and center in the ongoing contest to decide which two candidates will face-off in November’s general election. We should not carry that responsibility lightly. As an early voting state, Alabama’s primary election will be significant not only because of the delegates it will assign particular candidates, but also because of the momentum that the candidate receiving our support will gain heading into future primaries in other states.
Each party has a hotly contested primary. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mike Huckabee are in a close contest for the support of conservative voters hoping to hold onto the White House next year.
On the Democratic side, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck in a race that is pitting change agent Obama against seasoned leader Clinton.
Party enthusiasts on either side owe it to their party to support the candidate they want most to represent their ideals and beliefs in the general election.
Moderate and independent voters owe it to their country to get out and support the candidate they feel is best positioned for the task ahead, in hopes that candidate will survive in the November election. Our votes have never been as relevant as they are now, Tuesday’s election in Alabama will carry great consequence for the rest of the country.
This is the chance for Alabama to make a difference in the nation’s political discourse and it is a chance that voters in Atmore should not pass up. We urge you to research the candidates, decide on who to support and go vote.

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