My pink jersey

Published 8:03 pm Wednesday, February 6, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
The Super Bowl is celebrated by many through partying with friends, but for me it was all about wearing my pink jersey and spending the day with my boyfriend.
I honestly did not care a thing in the world about who won the Super Bowl, in fact, I barely knew who was playing. But, I did know two things and those two things were that I wanted to spend the day with my boyfriend Matt and that I wanted to wear my pink jersey.
Before the big game Sunday I was informed that I should not be a Patriots fan. Seeing as I know nothing about sports and since Matt told me I should not be a Patriots fan, I agreed. So, I'm not sure why, but I am glad the Giants won the game. According to my sister, it's one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. Who knew!
All I knew is that I was watching the game with a bunch of people who were screaming at the TV for no apparent reason and that I was wearing my jersey, that's all I cared about!
Sunday was a fun day, except I was suffering from a ridiculous allergy attack so I was coughing and sniffling every five seconds. Other than the allergies, I had a good time watching the infamous Super Bowl commercials and all the other people get so in to the game. I must admit I high-fived Matt a couple of times and also jumped up and down when the Giants scored their final touchdown. I was excited for them!
But, it really does all go back to the pink jersey. Matt is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I had never heard of the Steelers until I met him. Well, now I am apparently a Pittsburgh Steelers fan as well. So, while looking through an ESPN magazine one day before Christmas with Matt I saw the cutest pink jersey ever and said 'I want that pink jersey!' Deciding that I wanted a pink jersey was the easy part, it was determining which player would be represented on the jersey that was difficult.
So, I was watching a Steelers game with Matt and one of his friends when I saw Hines Ward with a big grin on his face. And the next time he was on the TV he had another big grin, and another big grin, and another big grin. Everytime I saw him he was smiling the biggest smile and so I decided I must have a Hines Ward pink Steelers jersey.
Of course Matt thought my reasoning for having Hines Ward on the jersey was ridiculous, so he smiles a lot, who cares? Nonetheless, he was a sweetheart, put my silly reasoning behind him, and got me a pink Hines Ward jersey for Christmas. I only got to wear it once while the Steelers were playing before they got kicked out of the playoffs.
So, when I woke up Sunday morning and felt very ill because of my allergies, I took some medicine, sucked it up, put on my pink jersey and said 'here I go!' I just had to wear it one last time this season!
Go Giants!
Adrienne McKenzie is managing editor for the Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123 or at

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