Letter to Editor

Published 10:10 pm Thursday, February 28, 2008

By Staff
Response to ‘dribble’
I had made up my mind not to write to your newspaper anymore due to your apparent refusal to print my last article on the Escambia County School Board. However, after reading Tray Smith’s last two Sunday Opinions in your newspaper, I can not just sit back and let Tray’s political dribble continue without some response.
First of all Tray’s last Sunday’s Opinion on abortion should have outraged every female reader in your distribution, but apparently the women in our area have no opinion as to the rights of a woman when it comes to abortion. I find it rather ironic that Tray as a male has any say when it comes to a woman’s reproductive choice. Why is it that men tend to be more vocal than women when it comes to a woman’s body? Tray will never get pregnant and for that I am very thankful, but he should have absolutely no say so when it comes to a woman’s choice regarding abortion. Whether or not he is for or against abortion is of little consequence and his opinions are of little or no importance in this matter. These decisions should be left up to a woman, not a teenage boy.
While I do not support abortion as a manner of birth control, there are many situations where a woman should have the right to choose abortion, such as rape, incest, when the mother’s life is endangered, or when the fetus is horribly deformed or has an incurable disease. Regardless of Tray’s immature views on this matter, the freedom of choice should remain with a woman and NOT a man. Abortions are not mandatory, it is a choice of the woman and it should remain so or we will see an upsurge in back alley abortions that existed before women had the ability to obtain legal abortions.
In Tray’s Opinion in the Advance, it is obvious that while Tray was serving as a page in Washington, D.C., he must have gone to the Karl Rove School of political bashing. Notice in his article that he refers to Barack Obama as B. Hussein in nearly every reference to Senator Obama. This is a calculated ploy to negatively portray the good senator by using his middle name instead of Obama.
Why? Because the Hussein name has negative connotations and is a Muslim name. Well, Tray, any intelligent reader can see through your Karl Rove type rantings and ravings. It amuses me to see die-hard republicans such as Tray resort to the lowest common denominator when writing his ill thought-out political opinions. Tray, you need to realize that the train has already left the station and the republicans are doomed this next election and you may as well swallow this pill regardless of how distasteful it must seem to you.
No matter how much you deride and lambaste the democrats, the people of the United States are fed up with the way the republican regime has been destroying our country from within. One last point, the national debt that the Bush administration has created is costing us $20 billion a month for interest alone, this is not even beginning to pay down the principle on the national debt. Tray, wake up and smell the coffee, the republicans have damaged our nation enough and now it is time for change, and yes whether it will be BARACK or HILLARY, it is past time for someone that is courageous enough to stop this endless war in Iraq and get our nation back in order.
Remember folks, McCain is the one that stated that we may have to be in Iraq for 100 more years. I don’t know about you, but 100 more days is too long, and 100 more dead U. S. soldiers are too many.
Foster Kizer

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