Letters to Editor

Published 10:52 pm Monday, March 10, 2008

By Staff
Unborn babies deserve to live
This letter is in response to a letter to the editor entitled “Response to ‘dribble’” published on Feb. 27 and a writer’s viewpoint on women’s rights. The issue in my opinion is that a woman who makes a decision to have an abortion may not be considering that her decision is not only affecting her own body, but will lead to the death of another innocent human being.
I had the distinct privilege and opportunity to assist doctors in delivering new life. With the use of the fetal heart rate monitor I heard many heartbeats prior to the delivery of an infant. Many times the heartbeat was heard some months prior to an infant’s birth.
One day we will all be accountable for our actions. To those who have already experienced an abortion, there is a loving Savior who graces us and offers forgiveness if we will ask.
In Christian love,
Audrey Barnes

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