ECHS, ECMS lunchrooms attain perfect health scores

Published 11:02 pm Wednesday, March 12, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Escambia County High School’s cafeteria received a perfect health score for the first time in the nine years Cindy Young has been manager last Friday. The middle school scored a 100 for the second time this year.
Young said the employees at the high school’s cafeteria do an excellent job.
ECHS principal Carl Raley is proud of the hard work the cafeteria employees have shown.
Escambia County Middle School also received a perfect score during the Alabama Department of Public Health’s inspection on March 7.
While Boutwell may be getting used to being on top of the health scores, Young said this is new for her.
Both the middle and high school cafeteria workers are not only responsible for preparing the meals students and faculty members enjoy daily, they also have to ensure the facility is sanitary and the food is cooked properly in order to receive a perfect score.
In order to receive a 100 on the health scores, nothing can be placed on the floor, the seals on the doors must be free of any mildew and the water must be at a certain temperature. Soap dispensers must be full at all times and everyone must wear a hair net, according to Boutwell.
Boutwell said the ECMS cafeteria staff is great.
The employees in the ECMS cafeteria include Boutwell, Tracy Mock, Johnnie Taylor, Earnestine Barron, Susan McGuire, Mary Dow and Linda Daniel.
The high school’s cafeteria employees include, Young, Earnestine Arnold, Laura Bailey, Pat Harris and Hope Lassiter.
Young said these employees are hardworking individuals, but could not do their job without the rest of the staff at ECHS.
The schools’ cafeteria workers are responsible for making sure the stomachs of many individuals are full. At the high school there are anywhere from 225 to 275 people that are fed breakfast and anywhere from 525 to 550 that are served lunch.
The cafeteria employees are responsible for feeding these individuals as well as cleaning the facilities in order to maintain good health scores.

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