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Published 11:15 pm Sunday, March 16, 2008

By Staff
Smith’s sophistry out of Karl Rove playbook
Just to follow up in Mr. Foster Kizer’s letter on Feb. 27. I agree with his rebuttal. Tray Smith went with a low blow in using Barack Obama’s middle name. Even if Obama were Muslim, to insinuate that he is of terrorist ilk is out of line.
American Muslims have the right to be President of the United States as much as any other religious or ethnic group. Our constitution is secular and does not discriminate. Any citizen, who is qualified, can hold public office. Mr. Obama has proven himself to be a good citizen, who is a Harvard graduate and has performed a public service for many years now, currently as a U.S. Senator.
Tray’s sophistry is out of the Karl Rove playbook, and will not hold up under scrutiny.
Robert W. Mays
Knowledge of Obama politics doesn’t add up
I have one question about mathematics. How can a young man in his teens know that Obama was 8 years old in 1970, campaigned 25 years later for the Illinois Senate, sought the support of two former weathermen who turned themselves in, in 1981 associated with these fellows for 10 years, has had the same pastor for 20 years, accepted $150,000, but gave it to charity, predict disqualification and defeat in 2008, but cannot find one example of misdirected pre-emptive warfare, illegal no-bid fuel contracts, conflict of interest, malfeasance, deception, bribery, perjury, inappropriate behavior, voting irregularities, or plain stupidity that has occurred in the last seven years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to write about.
I personally believe that the purpose of education is to teach how to think, not what to think. The latter circumvents the process.
Harold Dailey
No excuse for needless panic, suffering in animals
Dear Editor,
A variety of methods are permitted by law to euthanize animals at pounds and clinics. I was told by several veterinarians that the only truly humane method is for the animal to be asleep (unconscious, not merely chemically immobilized) when death is administered.
Some veterinary clinics use only this procedure (please check to see if your clinic or pound is one of them) and it should become the mandated method of euthanasia.
There is no excuse, economic or otherwise, for allowing these condemned animals to experience needless panic and suffering. Better treatment for animals is overdue. Although lacking the power of speech, they do have the capacity to suffer perhaps more than ourselves. All of their other senses are keener so it is quite possible they feel pain more keenly than we do.
And in common with small children, they have a total experience of pain. Their suffering is unrelieved by the knowledge that it will end and they are utterly alone with it. Misery can fill their whole universe and there is not a glimpse of comfort or hope.
We should hope that humanity will develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity to the animal experience. This, I believe is desperately needed in America today.
Roger Stacey

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