Teachers make test preparation fun for students

Published 12:42 am Monday, March 31, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Area schools have come up with inspiring and interesting methods of getting students pumped up and prepared for the Stanford Achievement Test, 10th edition, (SAT 10) and the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT), which will be administered during the upcoming week.
A.C. Moore Elementary School administration, faculty and staff have gone the extra mile to ensure students are prepped for the tests.
If area residents took a walk through A.C. Moore’s lobby, they would not only see many decorative items, but would learn a lot also.
The students and faculty at A.C. Moore decorated the school’s lobby with “Multiplication Creek,” “Knowledge Mountain,” “Study Skills Road,” “Blooming with Knowledge,” “Egg-celent Test Scores” and “Trees of Knowledge.” Each decoration is packed full of knowledge, which has helped prep students for test week.
On Friday A.C. Moore hosted an “American Idol” skit. The skit was put on by the adults of the schools as a way to teach the children proper test-taking methods. Students were shown in a humorous way that it is not OK to chew gum, play on cell phones and sleep during tests.
An Escambia County Middle School representative said fifth-eighth grade students also have to take the two important tests.
Middle school students must be in attendance every day in order to take the tests.
According to the rep., last week was “crunch week” for the ARMT and SAT 10.
The representative said principal Zickeyous Byrd did a great job motivating the “great body of students.”
All elementary and middle school aged students will take either the ARMT, SAT 10 or both this upcoming week.
Although area teachers and administration have been prepping students for the tests, there are some things the students must do for themselves.
Here are a few test taking tips provided by www.testtakingtips.com to help make test week a little less stressful:
For more information on test taking week, contact your child’s school.

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