Letter to the editor

Published 1:43 am Sunday, April 13, 2008

By Staff
Time to speak up against gas prices
Let us give God more praise than some of us do. With these few word I thank the Lord, this is my prayer for our country.
Dear friends, sisters and brothers,
It's time for somebody to speak up for our country. You live on the verge of being shut down all because of all the high gas price. As long as we buy this gas and oil and diesel fuel, we are helping shut our country down. We have to stop this outrageous thing that is going on in our country. These gas prices are killing us. They will stop us from paying our other bills. If we are not careful we will be begging bread in our own country, we are in a recession- headed in to a depression. It's not too much money in this country for us to be treated like we are in this country, we all need to get together and sacrifice. There has got to be some strike. These prices can be brought down we can do without for a few days. We will starve, you will have to take orders in your own country. Let's all get together and we will win this fight.
Please give God praise, he is worthy to be praised. May God wonderfully bless you.
Rev. W.J. Wingate

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