Letter to the Editor

Published 2:12 am Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By Staff
Milstead offers response to letter against gas prices
I am writing in response to the Rev. R.J. Wingate’s article in last Wednesday’s Atmore Advance to all of us, time to speak up against gas prices. I whole-heartedly and fully agree. As a matter of fact just before his article came out I was telling my husband if everyone would quit lining up to pay these high prices for gas to go un-necessarily, it would hurt the companies instead of the people and they would have to lower the gas prices. I know they are killing us. We are having it hard enough paying cancer doctors, hospital, radiation bills with no insurance and only making trips to Mobile to cancer doctors and store for groceries, can’t afford these high gas prices to go anywhere else. We stay home as everyone should, go on strike to help lower these gas prices, don’t let the big companies win. It would hurt us all if they do.
Mary Milstead

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