Haveard captured in Atmore, bond revoked

Published 2:31 am Sunday, April 20, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell
Mike Haveard is back in jail just one week after being released on a $875,000 bond.
Haveard was arrested on Deer Creek Road in Atmore by agents with the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force Tuesday on alleged violations of bond conditions.
Haveard was returned to the Escambia County Detention Center where he remains without bond.
Haveard cooperated fully with DTF agents at the time of his arrest, DTF agent Greg Forbes said.
Haveard was initially arrested March 3 by members of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department, the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force and the Brewton Police Department.
Haveard was held on $8 million bond after being charged with four counts of possession of a controlled substance, four counts of distribution of a controlled substance and four counts of first degree solicitation to commit theft.
Circuit Judge Bert Rice reduced the $8 million bond after two days of testimony resulting in a $700,000 bond on the same charges. Prior to his release, DTF officials presented two additional charges on Haveard. One charge of possession of a controlled substance and one charge of transporting stolen merchandise across state lines were levied against Haveard before he could be released on the new $700,000 bond. The new charges were heard and an additional $175,000 was placed on Haveard.
A Bay Minette bail bondsman, along with 15 individuals, presented property in lieu of cash to support Haveard’s bond. He was released on bond from the Escambia County Detention Center on April 8 and was remanded to the supervision of the Escambia County Community Corrections Department.
Officials with the Escambia County District Attorney’s office filed a motion Monday to have Haveard’s bond revoked based on information received concerning allegations of conditions of his release on bond being violated on numerous occasions.
Circuit Judge Bert Rice heard testimony from witnesses who related information alleging infractions of the bond set forth last week.
Haveard was released on bond April 8 under a set of conditions that included not leaving the state without permission and a 9 p.m. curfew.
Assistance District Attorney Todd Sterns questioned witnesses on points of curfew violations and accusations of leaving the state without permission.
Those conditions, among others, were to be monitored by the Escambia County Community Corrections Department. A global positioning system device was installed on Haveard prior to his released from the Escambia County Detention Center.
Jerry Caylor, director of the Escambia County Community Corrections Department, took the stand as the first state’s witness.
Sterns questioned Caylor about the logged time of Haveard’s release and when he appeared at the Community Corrections office.
Caylor related information printed from logs created through signals from Haveard’s GPS device that show him out of the state during the period of time he was logged out of the Escambia County Detention Center and before he reported to Community Corrections.
Haveard’s attorney, Danny White, quested Caylor on certain points of his testimony including the location on Dixonville Road.
Caylor responded the information was not immediately available and he was unaware of the activity until later that day and into the next morning’s reports.
White questioned Caylor about the Dixonville Road address and if he had visited the location.
Sterns presented evidence, through Caylor’s testimony, alleging Haveard broke curfew on several occasions since his release April 8.
In his testimony, Caylor read from reports that showed Haveard away from his residence on as many as eight separate occasions on April 8 alone.
Caylor testified the same sort of activity continued on April 9, April 11, April 12 and April 13.
Caylor explained several other addresses were included in the alleged violations of curfew. Data from the report was reviewed on Sunday.
Forbes said Haveard was arrested, without incident, at the Deer Creek Road residence of his girlfriend, Jamie Emmons.
Family members of Haveard contend he was not in violation of the bond conditions since their investigation showed a discrepancy of information.
Brittany Gibson, Haveard’s daughter, related the same information.
Haveard’s attorney, Danny White, nor District Attorney Steve Billy could be reached for comment concerning the case Friday.

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